HimmiKatz KitKatt of Mega LTD
    Lansing Michigan Show
December 11th & 12th 2004
HimmiKatz KitKatt of Mega LTD
KitKatt being checked out by the judge
   KitKatt hanging out inbetween rings, for his first show ever and mine for that matter, things couldn't have gone smoother, we had such a wonderful time! I want to thank Judy Seger KitKatts mom for allowing me to show him, and to  all the judges!
KitKatt being handled by a judge in the ring
Below are some pictures of other beautiful cats that were at the Lansing, Michigan show, I will only be posting pictures for which I recieved premission from their owners to use, I want to Thank Virginia King of PrancenPaws Cattery for allowing me to display their beautiful Seal Point baby, And Terri Kale of  Tingsing Cattery for allowing me to post the pictures of her beautiful Red Tabby Exotic Persian.
Prancenpaws Classical Jazz
PrancenPaws Classical Jazz
            Seal Pt Female
Praqncenpaws Classical Jazz
Prancenpaws Classical Jazz
  Tinsing Rolie Polie Olie
Red Tabby Exotic Persian
Tinsing Rolie Polie Olie
Rolie Polie Olie
  Kalamazoo, Michigan Show
        November 6th & 7th
CH HimmiKatz Kandi Kisses of Nannafur
CH HimmiKatz Kandi Kisses of Nannafur
   Champion HimmiKatz Kandi Kisses of Nannafur, Championed at the 2004 Kalamazoo show. She was shown by Nancy Page of Nannafur Cattery,
  Toledo-Maumee Show
Janurary 8th & 9th 2005
Me with KitKatt
KItKatt after being bathed for the show
KItKatt ready to go home!!!
                             Himmikatz Kitkatt of Mega LTD
Kitkatt did very well this weekend, he had some very nice kittens he was up against. Kitkatt will be back out in April for his Championship title. Look for him again at an up coming show.
  The Nannafur Gang, aren't they all just too cute, and what a hoot they all were, they surly kept everyone around them entertained and had spectators from all over coming over just to say hello!
The Nannafur Gang
  Three Blue Patched Tabbie girls and a Flame Pt Exotic short hair girl belonging to Nannafur Cattery
  Nancy with her Flame Pt Exotic short hair girl, she did very well in the show this weekend.
  Big thanks to all the judges at the Toledo-Maumee show!
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  Up and Comming Show at Bowling Green, Ohio March 26 & 27, 2005. The following Cats will be shown. Updates will be posted after the show as taken place.
HimmiKatz Skye Blue Purswaysion
HImmiKatz Skey Blue Purswaysion
HimmiKatz Skye Blue Purswaysion
Himmikatz Skye Blue Purswaysion, this will be Skyes first kitten show, we hope she will do very well. Skye is a blue pt Female Himalayan.
UpDate: Skye did very well at the show and we would like to thank all the judges who took the time to look at her, she had beautiful compatention and we believe by the time she is 8 months old she will have come into her own and have a wonderful coat on her as well as good weight.
Thank you to all the judges and to all the other exhibitors who brought out their lovely cats for everyone to enjoy, I would also like to congragulate Nancy Page of Nannafur Cattery for the job well done with both her Cream pt Exotic short hair female and her Blue Patched female tabby kittens (Pictured Above) who both made finals this weekend. Pictures below are of the Bowling Green show.
Skye & Nemo enjoying a cat nap between rings
Nemo in a ring, wishing it was over already!
Our beautiful daughter, taking Nemo up to one of his rings.
Skye, having the time of her life while in one of her rings..
  Medina, Ohio Show August 27th & 28th.
Skye Championed this show and we are so very proud of her!!!!  Nancy Page of Nannafur Cattery also had her cream pt exotic girl going for her Grand Championship, she too is a very beautiful girl, and will do very well in her showing career. Pictures below are of both girls in all their Glory!
Skye,giving us one good shot of her, isn't she beautiful!.
Skye,not wanting to really look at us, LOL
One last good shot.
CH HimmiKatz Skye Blue
Ch, Grand Pointed Nannafurs Cottonelly .
The Medina show was such a good time, both girls did very well and I would like to thank all the judges who awarded Skye her championship.
  Wilmington, Ohio Show September 24th & 25th
The Wilmington show was alot of fun! KitKatt was out for his winners ribbons, however he missed his championship by one ribbon so he will be back out in Kalamazoo for his final ribbon. If you happen to attend a show we are at please stop by and say hello, we love to meet new people..The pictures below are of KitKatt during the show, we didn't get very many good shots of him as he just wasn't having his best day, LOL but we tried.
Just napping, that is if everyone would stop flashing that light in my face! LOL
Ok I am done, last picture!
  CH HimmiKatz KitKatt of Mega L.T.D
  Maumee,Ohio Show January 12th & 13th, 2008
The Maumee show was very rewarding for Us, Our Whichy became a Champion thanks to my Husband and Daughter who took him to most of his rings. It was a very fun weekend.. Above are Pictures of Whichy the day after the show at home, I didn't think to take any of him during the show, so we set his ribbons up at home and took a couple shots. Again I would like to thank the Judges who awarded Whichy his Winners Ribbons.
Dayton, Ohio Show 2-21-09
Creamer Championed this weekend at the KittyHawk Felines show held in Dayton, Ohio. He will now be going back to live with his Daddies Scott & Cliff and be a spokes model for their new animal clothing line they are launching. I want to give thanks to the Judges.
Demi earned her Championship Title this past weekend in Erie, PA She earned all her Winners Ribbons as well as 1 Second Best of Breed in Gene Darrah's ring on Saturday. On Sunday again Demi recieved all her winners ribbons as well as another 2nd Best of Breed in Chuck Gradowski's ring. There were alot of Beautiful Himalayans out in both Kitten and Adult class. We would like to thank ALL the judges who awarded Demi her Winners Ribbons and to those who liked her enough to award her 2nd Best of Breed, We are very proud of her and hope to have her back out soon.
Erie, PA April 25 & 26, 2009
Demi in Gene Darrah's Ring on Saturday
Me & Demi loeaving Rick Hoskinson's Ring on Sunday
Demi lounging on Sunday after she was done with all her Rings.
Ann Arbor, Michigan May 9, 2009
Summer Earned her Championship Title On May 9th in Ann Arbor Michigan. We are very proud of our Summer, she did very well for her first time out. We would like to thank all the judges for awarding Summer her Winners Ribbons and would also like to Thank Judge Gene Darrah for seeing the potential in our girl and Awarding her 2nd Best of Breed in his ring. Once again the Himalayan Division was a very nice class of Cats and we had a wonderful time competing with them all.
CH HimmiKatz Which-A-Ma-Call-It
CH HimmiKatz Cream Cycle
   CH DonScandal Demi Jour
   CH DonScandal Miracle Summer
UPDATE: We have been out of the show halls for about a year and a half now. We have really missed it and our hopes are to get back out hopefully this Spring or Summer with some of our newest additions. We hope to see all of our old friends as well as make some new ones.