Available Adults
Please check back often for other adults who may become available and of course keep an eye on my nursery page for up and coming litters due any day now. If insterested in any available adults please email me. Please when inquiring include basic information about yourself such as name, location, other pets in the family. Emails will not be answered if this basic information is not included.
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                                                             BLUE PT MALE 13 Months Old
                                                                 Available to a Pet Home
                                                                           $ Negotiable
                                                               Location: Orlando, Florida

Brulee is a very beautiful boy. He has some of the biggest, roundest eyes we have produced here at HimmiKatz. Brulee has a wonderful disposition and is very loving. He gets along with everyone and has no bad habits.  Brulee loves to lounge around with his tounge sticking out. If you would like to add Brulee to your family please contact Greg at vgazebo@aol.com and he can give you more details on his cost.

                                                 We are cutting back on our number of breeders and will be offering some young adults to either pet or small breeding homes. Once I have decided who we will be keeping and who we will be letting go I will update this page with pictures and pricing information on those we will be looking to place.

I also have a dear friend who is reducing her breeding cats too due to a personal illness. She has some very nice Persians, CPC's, Exotic & Himalayan's (many of which are either Chocolate/Lilac visuals or carriers) she will be looking to place in pet or small breeding homes. If you would be interested in finding out more about what she will have coming available, please feel free to email me and I will do my best to get more information. When inquiring please let me know what you are looking for. If you are wanting a pet, or breeder/show quality, color, & sex. Thank you.