HimmiKatz Cattery has started offering a Great Site Award & Web Jewel award, If you would like to recieve one of these award please fill out our Award Form, I will then review your site and make my decision. Please review my qualifications for recieving this award below. When applying for an award please mention which award you are requestiing.
1) Site must be original
2) Site must be able to be viewed by children
3) All text, pictures & graphics must be given the proper acknowledgement should they not be your own.
4) Site should be involving animals.
5) Should you recieve an award you must link the award back to my site, and a banner link not necessary but would be appreciated.
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We have also added this new award to be given to sites that I visit without being asked to and find them to be just outstanding and a site I would not add or take anything away from. If you are given this award you should feel very proud of all your hard work and dedication to your website.
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Canadaian Voice for Animals
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HImmiKatz Top Site Award
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