Hello, and Welcome to my Cattery! My name is Hollie Mallory and we are located in N.W. Ohio. My Partners Greg & Cliff are located in the Orlando, Florida area. We offer kittens at both locations.

  HimmiKatz is a small limited caging Cattery. I feel that for the safety of our new moms & babies that some caging during those first all important weeks is very important.
         We are Registered with CFA as are all of our Breeding fur babies and yes they are our babies and as such they are treated with lots of love, attention and respect.
  Breeding Top Quality Persians and Himalayans has always been a dream of mine ever since I can remember! I started turning this dream of mine into reality in 1997 soon after  getting married.

       I am a  small Cattery & I always plan to stay small, this allowing me to spend the time needed with each and every adult as well as the babies. For the first 5 or 6 years I focused on producing healthy babies to share with other families and although that was very fulfilling, something was missing. I then attended a show where one of my kitties was being shown by a friend Nancy, That day my outlook on my breeding program changed and I decided I now not only wanted to produce healthy babies but I also wanted to produce beautiful Show babies as well.  This is much easier said then done.

We are working with some of the Nations top winning lines including but not limited to: SandyPaws, Sulltan's, Hadakat, Karabel, Grovewood, Co-Bridge, Darling Purrs, Purr-Star, Whisperwood, Careyata's, Prancenpaws. Again these are only a few of the top lines we are currently working with which include many CH's, GC's, RW's, NW's, BW's & DM Titles throughout our Pedigree's.

        Just when it seemed I was meant to never produce a Grandable kitten I had a few angels walk into my life! I was contacted by a guy looking for a pet, upon meeting with him at my house, he informed me he had a business partner who was interested in starting a small breeding program and would I be willing to speak with him? This was the start to a wonderful Friendship & Partnership between me and 2 of the most wonderful guys I could ever want to know!  Greg & Cliff quickly became members of our family and with their help I have been able to revamp my program and am now hopefully on my way to producing our very first Grand!!! Again this is a very time consuming endevour but I am still very hopeful I will someday get to where I know we can be.

Over the past 13 years I have made many wonderful friends in the cat fancy and I would like to take this chance to say a Heart Felt Thank You to those who have been here for me and you all know who you are! I love each and everyone of you!

  Please while you are at my Nursery page or any page feel free to send me an email this is the only way I know you were here and I always love to hear from people even if it is only to chat about kitties. I Have a wonderful list of other catteries listed on my links page you may want to look at while you are here.

  This site is dedicated to my Mother & Father who always believed in me and to my Husband whom made this passion a reality, I couldn't have done this without any of them. So sit back and relax and enjoy thumbing threw my pages. If you have any questions about my site, available cats or just questions in general please don't hesitate to shoot me an e-mail or give me a call at 419-481-2579 .

Please Note: Depending on your screen resolution the contents of my pages may look off centered, I have spent many hours trying to resolve this issue, however am told that it all depends on each individual's browser and screen resolution, I do apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

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Support the fight against Breast Cancer
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