This page is intended for you to be able to view past kittens born here at HimmiKatz and tell what kind of Quality I am striving to produce. Please be patient as page loads, there are alot of beautiful babies to see. Scroll all the way to the bottom to find the navagation bar.
This is HimmiKatz TeaPot, she is our Flame Point girl, she will be going to live with Courtney and Mick in Painesville, Ohio. Teapot was purchased by Courtney and Mick as a wedding present to themselves, we wish Courtney and Mick a life long happy life and know they will spoil TeaPot rotten, like she already is! TeaPot is one of the most loving kitties, she loves the males of the house and has no problem climbing up your leg and curling up on your shoulder for her nap! Again we will deeply miss her, however I know that she will be loved and cherished all her life with Courtney and Mick! Below is an updated picture of Tea Pot in her new home.
This little girl is also a seal point and her name is HimmiKatz Crystal Joan, she is going to be spoiled by Joan of Maumee, Ohio. When Joan came to our home to view the kittens she just fell in love with them all and being they all look so much alike it was a very difficult decision for her to make, however after about 30 minutes she chose this little girl, we had to mark the inside of her ear so we would be able to tell her apart from the others, that is how much alike they all look in person! Crystal is going to a wonderful home and many times  the breeder and the new owner never get the chance to meet in person but on rare occasions like this one we did get to meet and I know that Crystal will be very much loved and will have some playmates at home. Crystal has grown into a beautiful girl and as I predicted back when she was just a baby, she is spoiled rotten. Joan and I stay in touch and we are very excited to recieve more pictures of her on her first birthday.
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Crystal Joan @ 4 Months
HimmiKatz kandi of Nannafur 5 Months old
CH HimmiKatz Kandi Kisses of Nannafur
HimmiKatz Tea Pot
Crystal Joan 6 1/2 months
HimmiKatz Crystal Joan aprox 8 months old
Max (Blue Point)  has now gone to live with Debra and her family in Columbus, Ohio and seems very happy. Max is just adored by his new mommie and I will update his pictrures here as I recieve them, Max was  born October 31st of 2003. Max now has two beautiful girls who have joined him from Cloud Dancing Cattery. I Know they will become fast friends In the picture above Max is enjoying a cat nap with his girlfriend from CloudDancing Cattery who is truly a dear friend of mine and has beautiful babies as you can clearly see in this beautiful picture Debra was so thoughtful in sharing with us. Thank you again Debra for giving Max a true kingdom of his very own with you and your husband, I truly hope you enjoy him as much as he seems to enjoy you!
This Beautiful boy now resides in Sunny Florida with my parents, where he is sure to be spoiled, he is a cream point male who was named HimmiKatz Cream De La Creme AKA Baby, which suits him just perfectly! We surly miss this little guy, he is also full brother to Max  above. What a beautiful litter Hershey and Gracie gave us this time around. Hopefully I will have updated pictures of this beautiful boy very soon to share with everyone.
HimmiKatz Maximillion 3 weeks old
HimmiKatz Kandi of Nannafur @ 1 year old
HimmiKatz Kandi of Nannafur @ 1 year old
Kandi Championed at the 2004 Kalamazoo show in Michigan, I want to give a huge thank you to Nancy of Nannafur for doing such a wonderful job showing  her and to the Judges from the Kalamazoo show. Kandi is now a year old and just a beautiful girl! Nancy has done a wonderful job in raising this girl up, we here at HimmiKatz are so pround to have bred this girl and can't wait for her to bring Nancy babies hopefully in Spring/Summer of 2005.
Max 1 year old
TeaPot almost a year old
Teapot almost a year old
Courtney, Mick and TeaPots Chirstmas Card 2004
Now you can really tell just how much TeaPot is loved, when you see that her mom and dad included her in their chirstmas photo card, what a beautiful young lady she has turned into, we here at HimmiKatz couldn't be more pleased with her quality and the loving family who chose her to include into their lives! Now you can see at times, she has been a bit difficult when it comes to grooming her, but she is after all a princess :-) TeaPot is very much missed and is still to this day mentioned by our daughter and we are very thankful to recieve upated pictures of her when ever Courtney has the time.
This little boy is also going to live with Nancy of Nannafur up in Michigan to be a future breeder and hopefully show kitty for Nancy, he is a seal point and Nancy hasn't yet choosen a name for him, she just picked him up lastnight 1-9-05. He is 10 weeks old and is just a lovely boy. He was a result of a breeding between my stud Sofistakatz Hershey Kisses of HimmiKatz and my Good Firends Girl Mega LTD Marv's Dillie Dollie. Good luck with him Nancy and I hope he turns into a beautiful show/breeder boy for you.
Himmikatz Maximillion
Himmikatz Maximillion
Himmikatz Creme De La Creme (AKA Baby)
CH Himmikatz KitKatt of Mega LTD
 Kitkatt 4 Months old, first kitten show
Himmikatz KitKatt of Mega LTD with breeder, 4 Months old
Himmikatz KitKatt of Mega LTD as a baby
KitKatt after going to new home
KitKatt day he went home with new owner Judy of Mega LTD
KitKatt 5 months old at his seecond show in Toledo, Ohio
Madison, Posha and Delilah
Mega LTD's Cracker Jack of Nannafur with Miss Red Head
Update, this little boys name is Mega LTD's Cracker Jack of Nannafur and what a beautiful boy he is!
This beautiful bunch of kitties belong to Diana of IndyPurrs cattery located in Texas, from left to right we have Nannafurs Madison of HimmiKatz, HimmiKatz Posha of IndyPurrs and Chocolate Delight of Himmikatz and in the back ground hiding is Nannafurs Autumn Rain of HimmiKatz. Diana also owns a beautiful Red McTabby ELH boy named HimmiKatz Legend of IndyPurrs, he is however just her pet but none the less a beautiful boy, as soon as I locate his  pictures I will add them here. UPDATE: Diana is proud to annouce that Posha has finally bred both Autumn and Madison, so with any luck she will soon have babies of her own
Baby Janurary, 2005
Baby, Janurary, 2005
This beautiful boy is HimmiKatz BooBear, he is going to live a long and happy life with Rebecca of Galvenston, Texas. This boy is such a hamhock and gets into everything! He is a big boy and weighed in at 5 ounces at birth and hasn't stopped gaining! He has a nice little pug nose and big nice copper eyes although you can't really see it in his pictures. I hope Rebecca can capture his true beauty better then I was able to with a camera. He will be going to his new home on March 19th 2005. UPDATE: Rebecca has recently sent me an email telling me how much BooBear has settled into his new home and what a purbox and love he is to have, she truly is enjoying him very much, Thank you again Rebecca for giving one of our babies a great home to call his very own.
HimmiKatz Boo Bear
This beautiful girl is full sister to the boy above, she too was a big 5 ounces at birth and is a nice healthy girl, she is a blue cream and has made her new home with Debi of Zanesville, Ohio. .
Georgi is a beautiful Seal Pt Female Himalayan, Sister to HimmiKatz Skye Blue Purswaysion, she is now the proud owner of Alyssa of Clayton, Mi. Georgi is adored by the family and the children just love her and she has such a loving personality that she fit right in with their family, she will be a very nice addition to their breeding prgram and the direction they are wanting to go in. Please keep posted for updated pictures of Georgi and her babies in Spring of 2006.
Himmikatz Georgie
HimmiKatz Garfield, he has grown into a beautiful boy, he will be joining Caroline in Washington to be her foundation exotic male. He was such a beautiful cute babie and has turned into a wonderful boy, hopefully with the guidence of Caroline's mentor Garfield will be championed and go on to produce beautiful babies with Carolines beautiful flame pt exotic girl with an exceptional pedigree!  Garfield did infact sire a beautiful litter of exotic babies with Caroline which she kept a female from which looks just like her father! Garfield is missed very much by our family, however we know he has gone to a wonderful family who love him very much.
This beautiful girl is Princess Crystal, she is a CFA Registered Spayed Doll Face Blue Pt Himalayan who has found her forever lap with Heidi and Fiance in West Unity, Ohio. We want to thank them both very much for giving Crystal a loving home all her own, as she had some issues with another one of our females here, we now know that she is much happier being an only kitty and Heidi has just fallen in love with her and is very thankful to have found her as we are very thankful that Heidi found us. Crystal will live the rest of her life as a pamperd spoiled princess that she is! Thank you again Heidi for sharing your home with her!
HimmiKatz Garfield
                                   HimmiKatz Cleo
        Blue Pt Exotic Long Hair, Full Sister to HimmiKatz Garfield
HimmiKatz Cleo is a very fat, happy cat living just across the way with Shirley. She loves to sit outside on the back porch and watch her mommy work in her garden or grill hamburgers on the grill! I am very thankful to have one of my own so close to me..
UPDATE: Cleo has grown into a beautiful big, fat girl! She has been spayed of course and is very happy with her new mommy. Again I am very thankful to have one of my babies live so close to me where I can see her everyday if I wanted to and most of the time I do see her sitting in the living room window looking out at the birds. Shirley and Cleo are truly a perfect made match, they just love one another!
This is Lucy, she is a bluetabby Persian CPC, she has now gone to live with Joni and family in Husdsonville, Mi. Lucy is such a lover and hasn't let going to a new home change her personality what so ever, Joni has informed me that she is still head-butting to get your attention and hasn't once hid since being in her new home! Joni I Hope you and your family enjoy and love her for many years to come!
Dakota (Flame Point) has gone to live with Maryann & Brent in Cleveland, Ohio. Dakota has also gotten a new Big Brother Bailey. Dakota has made himself right at home with his new family and is a very happy kitty! Look for updated pictures of Dakota as he matures and grows..
UPDATE: Recently MaryAnn got intouch looking to add a new addition to her kitty family, We expect Snowball will be going to live with Older bothers Bailey & Dakota. MaryAnn was nice enough to send me an updated picture of Dakota, now 4 years old,he has grown ito a beautiful 9LB boy as pictured above lounging in the lawn chair. We are always happy to hear from past kitty buyers and to hear how their babies are doing and as always if we can place a 2nd or even a 3rd kitten with them as we have done in the past, well that is the biggest reward we can ever ask for!
UPDATE: MaryAnn & Brent decided to add Snowball to  their family, Duffy as he is now known went home with MaryAnn on Friday October 15, 2010. MaryAnn just fell in love with him when she saw him for the first time in person. He is a real sweet heart and I am thrilled MaryAnn & Brent decided to call him theirs.
                                   HimmiKatz Dakota
                                       Flame Point
                                   Gracie X Hershey
                             Cream Point Himalayan Male
                                   Gracie X Hershey
This little guy went to live with Joni and her family near Grand Rapids, Michigan. He is litter mate to Dakota who is pictured above. This little guy was such a love bug, I'm sure Joni and her family are very happy with him and him with them.
Himmikatz BooBear
Princess Crystal
                             HimmiKatz Piccola Luna
                                    AKA Luna
                               Torti Lynx Point ESH
                                Sandie X Hershey
This little one has gone to her new home with Abby. She just left this past weekend and Abby has already sent me these pictures of her in her new home. she seems to be adjusting just fine and already showing off her winning personality to her new mommy who just adores her! 
Himmikatz Gyzmo
(Blue Point Himalayan)
This Beautiful boy is right at home with his new Daddies, Scott, Cliff & Greg. Gyzmo is a very loving and laid back boy. When Scott came to see Gyzmo in person, he didn't expect to fall in love so quickly, but he did and I truly believe Gyzmo couldn't have found a better home then what he did with Scott, Cliff and Greg as his new Dads, Pictures below are 1 of Gyzmo when he was about 12 weeks and 2 of him now in his new home. Thank you Scott, Cliff & Greg for giving Gyzmo such a wonderful, loving home!!! 
                             HimmiKatz Sparky
                              Cream Point ELH
                             Sandie X Hershey   
This little one has gone to live with Marcus and Family in Perrysburg, Ohio. He is a beautiful cream point exotic long hair boy with just a wonderful personality to him, and boy does he have coat!!!!!
UPDATE: Sparky will be coming back home for a short visit while mom and dad are away. We are very excited to welcome him back with us and will be sure to get updated pictures of him to share. We expect him the end of July so check back for those updated pictures!!!
                             HIMMIKATZ VERSACHE
                                   Demi X Creamer
               This little guy went to live with Terry in Orlando, Florida area.

                             HIMMIKATZ ISABELLA
                                   Demi X Creamer
               This little Gal went to live with Missy and Family in Oklahoma! She is an absolute beautiful Torti Point girl that just purrs her way right into your heart!