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Support the fight against Breast Cancer
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This page was last updated on: March 18, 2011
*Note: These Prices do not include shipping cost, these are our basic prices for each different quality kitten which does not need shipping, if kitten requires shipping then I will quote you  a price which includes all shipping related expenses. Kittens are priced according to their quality. This means that if you want a Pet but choose a Show quality kitten you will then be charged the Show/Alter price.  There are some but few EXCEPTIONS TO THIS POLICY.
Every bit as healthy and just as cute as his or her littermates, the pet quality kitten does not have all of the physical traits necessary for showing.
This could mean that the kitten has larger ears or a longer nose then the breed standard allows.
Pet quality kittens if not spayed or neutered before leaving us at buyers cost then they are required to be altered by 6 months of age. Adult cats if not spayed or neutered before leaving must be done within 30 days of taking possesion of kitten.
$400.00 to $600.00
$800.00 to 1,200.00
Kittens/Cats classified as breeder/show quality have the potential to achieve champion status, and when matched with the right mate, a breeder/Show quality Kitten/Cat also has the potential to produce show quality kittens
$800.00 to $1.200.00
Show/Alter cats/kittens have no disqualifying traits and with the proper care and presentation, have the potential to at least champion in  premiership.
Show quality kittens/cats have the characteristics necessary in the breed standard to achieve at least a championship, but with proper presentation could achieve the title of Grand-Champion
Because grooming, care, presentation and competition for the kitten/cat are essential to its show success, we do not make any guarantees regarding winning any titles.
$1,200.00 to $1,500.00
* Note: Contracts are available at your request.
*Note: Deposits are excepted  in good faith, and are Non-Refundable for any reason should the buyer back out. Deposit's placed are used for getting that kitten ready for their new home, (shots,worming's,) should a buyer back out of a sale, then the deposit not spent on shots and worming's for that kitten will then be applied towards boarding and lost chances to place that kitten into another home. Please before placing a deposit on any kitten from any Cattery, understand their Deposit Policy, most are simple and to the point and do not leave much room for mis understanding, however should you not understand the policy ask before placing the deposit as all most all breeders require one and almost all are Non-Refundable.
*Note: We reserve the right to refuse to sell to anyone!
* Note: Please Read this! Where your Money goes when you pay for a kitten .