Shipping Details....
Here at HimmiKatz we realize the concerns that many of our clients have about shipping.Of course, you have worries about stress, health, and whether the kitten will be traumatized.

We are experienced at shipping, and our purchase price reflects this, as the price of a kitten,                                          whether pet, breeder, or show is
All Inclusive
I personally take care of each kitten from the Birth to the last detail of purchase until our babies journey to you , all you have to do is go to the airport and pick up your kitten, everything has been prepaid, and HimmiKatz fells better knowing that we have picked the best route, and the paper work has been done properly to avoid costly delays. We also make sure the flight gets in with plenty of time for the kitten to clear customs (if applicable).
Our "ALL INCLUSIVE PRICE" includes, your kitten, shipping to your airport, pet carrier, vet exam, health certificate, shots, (rabies and customs certrificate if applicable), and spay or neuter if you are purchasing a pet quality or show/alter kitten, registration papers,if purchased as a breeder/show kitten or already altered pet and HimmiKatz's genetic/health guarantee will have been mailed to you prior to shipment of you new family member if available, sometimes registration papers may take a bit longer to get to you.
We also insure the Kittens comfort during the flight, and inside the carrier, unfortantly the only thing allowed inside the carrier with the kitten/cat is something on the bottom of the carrier to obsorb should they go to the bathroom while in route to you, so to make sure the kitten/cat will be confortable while in route, we make sure they get use to being in their carrier by allowing them access to it at least a week prior to shipment. A water cup and a small bag of the food we have been feeding if allowed will be provided,so switching food is gradual,should it not be allowed then you will be given full intrustions as to what the kittens diet was here at Himmikatz and finally your healthy,happy, nicely groomed HimmiKatz Kitten.
We ship using Continential Airlines, shipping out of Detroit Michigan to the closest International Airport to your home. Continential offers temperture controlled vans to transport your new family member from the airplane to the airport terminal so this means there are normally no tempurture restrictions, which allows shipping most times of the year.  At the present time, shipping cost for airfare alone is $169.00, Vet Health Certificate is $25.00, Rabies vaccine is $8.00, Carrier is $30.00 and should you be purchasing a pet quality kitten, Neutering costs are $32.00 and Spaying costs are $52.00, of course these prices quoted are subject to change at anytime the airline prices go up or the vet office starts charging more. We also offer Feline lukemia/aids testing for your new family member at an additonal cost of $30.00, however all parents of kittens are tested Negitive so this is completely up to you and is not required in order for your new family member to be shipped to you. Should any of these prices change, I will update this part of the page as soon as I am aware of the change, however that may not be until I call to book a flight for a shipment of a kitten/cat or take in a new cat to the vet.